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July 20, 2007


Articulating Thermal Anemometer, Air Velocity Probe
Interfaces to mobile PCs

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions of Trumbull, Connecticut introduces an articulating air velocity probe that utilizes Windows Mobile™ PDAs to display and data-log measurements. A thermal (“hotwire”) sensor is mounted on a telescoping shaft that incorporates patented technology to eliminate internal cabling. The AS-202A hotwire anemometer probe telescopes from 21 inches (53 cm) closed, out to 37 inches (94 cm) fully extended. The top 6 inches (15 cm) of the tip can be snapped straight out at 180°, or may be ratcheted to 90° (also to 45° for storage).

The articulating tip makes this probe convenient for reaching ceiling diffusers and ceiling filters without a ladder. An optional telescopic extension rod (186 inches, 472 cm extended) is also available for even greater reach. This makes the probe well suited for indoor air quality, heating & ventilation, thermal comfort, industrial hygiene and other applications. In addition, the minimal profile of the articulated tip, combined with the exceptional accuracy, particularly at 100 fpm (0.50 m/s), make this probe ideal for fume hood face velocity balancing.

The probe connects to a mobile PC where airspeed, temperature and volume flow may simultaneously be displayed and recorded. The probe also plugs into Windows XP™ and Vista™ notebook computers, tablet computers, desktops and other platforms that are compatible via GrayWolf’s “WolfSense™” application software.

The power of the mobile PC is used to provide a broad range of features including:

  • On-screen, work-flow instructions
  • Simple test site description, labeling
  • Notes and Pocket Word™ field forms
  • Audio notes
  • A versatile averaging function
  • Detailed, automated reporting

The AS-202 has a range from 0 to 6000 ft/min (0.00 to 30.00 m/s).  Annual calibration is recommended and is, optionally, accompanied by a certificate of traceability to NIST.

GrayWolf also offers add-on software modules for duct traverse and laboratory fume hood face velocity measurements. The user is prompted for duct or fume hood face dimensions. GrayWolf’s software then identifies where to position the AS-202A probe and walks the operator through measurements, ultimately producing an application specific report on-screen. This report may be downloaded to a desktop PC and/or printed.

For more information please contact:

Celia Bozsum
Marketing Administrator
GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
12 Cambridge Dr
Trumbull, CT (USA) 06611

  • AS202a Articulating Air Velocity Probe Press Release (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)
  • AS202A Articulating Air Velocity Probe
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